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Cordova Tennessee Area

Cordova Tennessee Area

Situated east of Memphis, Cordova Tennessee is a nice community that is at an elevation of 361 feet above sea level. The majority of the area is annexed by the City of Memphis.

The rest of the area is in an unincorporated area of Shelby County, Memphis. Boundaries aren’t exact are very open to interpretation.

Typically, the Wolf River on the south of the area and Whitten Road on the west. I40 to the North and Pisgah Road to the east of the city.

A quaint farming village lying just east of Memphis has less than a dozen farms today than when it was first founded in the year 1835.

Over the course of many years, Cordova’s name has changed multiple times. From Allentown to Marysville to Dexter, it has undergone many names until in the year 1900 it was finally left as Cordova.

Likely, it was cha...

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